How much does an ecommerce website cost on 2018? 

Having an ecommerce website has become a prerequisite in doing online business. The website must be made in such way that you can proud of and accurately reflects your brand. Research also points out the fact that with an ecommerce website, you can raise the turnover of enterprise by around 45%. Despite all this, about two million UK businesses don’t even own their ecommerce websites.

We know it’s tough to get started and compile all the conflicting reviews and get results. Most importantly, it is difficult to estimate how much an ecommerce website should cost? Or, do you need to build it yourself? Do you need to spend thousands of dollars into this?

Should you hire a professional or not? 

If you’re seeking to save money and wants to avoid hiring the professional web designer or programmer, we get it. There are many ecommerce websites builders out there that could easily help building your own website, and that too at reasonable price. Website builders are effective tools that care all the technicalities and you just need to drap and drop those elements into web page. It works well if you don’t have coding skills. Moreover, ecommerce website builders can do it at low-cost. Wix and Weebly are among the top website builders that offer free services. While Shopify and Squarespace cost their top-notch services for around £10 – £20 a month.

Cost of Small Business Website

If you want to create an ecommerce website for small business, it will cost less as compare to large one. The best website builders for small businesses are:

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Bigcommerce

Price of website much depends on complexity and size of the site. While requesting a quote or searching for the suitable website builders, try to be as specific as possible and make sure to get the total cost. Cost transparency is essential to avoid further amendments down the line.

A well-designed website doesn’t ensure you success. The success formula lies in adapting regular marketing strategies and content updates. This will help visitors come back to your site. Don’t go for fancy features that may add your cost and will not benefit you as such.

The cost of a business ecommerce website will include upfront costs (domain and design) and ongoing costs (hosting and content updates). The upfront cost of a small business website may range roughly from £502.99 to £1,100, whereas total ongoing cost will be £3 to £75 / month.



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