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Are you starting an ecommerce website? Then before you start doing anything, make sure you read this article because in it we are going to talk about one of the most important elements of any ecommerce website: the ecommerce platform that you are going to use. Every business out there has different needs and will have different requirements when choosing

the platform which means that you need to look at some options before you make the choice. In today’s article we are going to make an ecommerce platform comparison between the OpenCart and PrestaShop platforms, as some of the most popular in the UK, so definitely make sure to keep reading.

Open Cart

If you are looking for something that is fairly easy to use and extremely lightweight, then this is a great option for you. This is a free platform that also has a very large community behind it which means that if you have any problems, you will always have someone to turn to for help. This is the perfect option for a startup business because it really doesn’t take much time to customize the whole website from scratch. Because the store is so easy to set up, the overall price for setting it up decreases, which is great news for you. You don’t need to work with any special developers, the themes are pretty affordable and you won’t need to use any plugins. There are great features that come with open cart and it also comes with large catalog functionality which does an amazing job when it comes to processing orders. One of the downsides that you should consider is the fact that this platform doesn’t have as many features as some of the others out there and it doesn’t have as strong of a performance, so you may find yourself needing extra plugins to compensate for it.


As far as platforms go, the next one on our ecommerce platform comparison is actually a pretty new one but it’s still managed to make a name for itself even in the UK. This is because it has an incredible interface and it really doesn’t require much experience to install the plug in which is perfect for any beginners. A super user friendly interface along with some effortless inventory management and a store maintenance that even a novice can understand and work with are just more reasons as to why people love this platform. Another great thing is that PrestaShop provides a very beautiful interface that will allow to establish different websites for a bunch of different currencies and in multiple languages, which is perfect when you want to run an international ecommerce business. Again, as with the pervious choice, this isn’t a platform that is as robust as some of the other ones on the market, so there really isn’t as much scalability either. You could expand and use it for really big businesses, but its main purpose is to suit small to medium sized businesses, and that’s what it’s really best for. Another thing that you want to consider is the fact that the provided theme isn’t as nice looking as you would find on other platforms either, and that means that you may have to end up spending money on a better theme.

Depending on the requirements you have for your business in the UK, you will obviously be looking for different things in a platform and hopefully one of the two that we mentioned above will be right for you. Make sure to over this ecommerce website builder and take a good look make the best decision for your own ecommerce business.